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We would like to clarify the situation with keeping the school open from Monday 23rd March for the students specified by the government as eligible (children whose parents are both key workers, children with social workers and those with EHCPs). In order to prepare a viable plan, we need to have the information regarding these children as quickly as possible. Only a small number of staff will be available in these unprecedented circumstances to supervise students, as they need to minimise risks to themselves and their own families. Please can any parents/carers who believe they meet this criteria, and intend to send their children into school following the closure on Friday, urgently make contact with us. We will require details of your working hours and possibly may require proof that you meet this criteria. Please contact the office ASAP as we need to have a clear idea of the number of students who may be in school to make appropriate contingency plans. Could you please respond by 3.30pm today (19th March).