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Home learning update

Hello to all of you home learners,


We hope you are doing ok and that you have been getting on with your work packs that you collected or were delivered to you.


From Monday, all of your work will be on line at - click on 'Children' - then click on 'Home learning'.


In your year group pages, you will find a timetable for the week to help you to get organised.


If you are in Years 1 to 6 you are expected to do at least three hours of home learning every day. If you are in Little Acorns, Nursery or Reception you also have activities set for you on your pages.


Your friends in school will be doing very similar work, so if you chat to each other out of school you will be able to talk about it together.


Your teachers will be waiting for you to e mail your work to them and they will be looking at your work.


Your teachers will want to talk to you about your work when they call you. They will phone you every week to see how you are getting on.


Please ask your grown up to call school if you are having problems being able to do the work.


Thanks everyone

Stay Safe

From all of your teachers