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New Years Achievements and Wishes

Happy New Year to you and your family!


New Year is a time for us to reflect on our successes from the past year and make wishes to achieve in the new year. We celebrate by counting down to midnight and having a big fireworks display. We make new year resolutions of hopes and wishes we would like to achieve in the new year.




Talk with your family about your successes from last year and then what your hopes and wishes are for the new year 2021. 


For example, a success could be 'Last year I learnt how to write my name!'

A wish could be 'I would like to learn how to ride a bike this year!'



Please let us know what your successes and wishes are by emailing us at:

London's 2021 fireworks πŸŽ† Happy New Year Live! πŸ”΄ BBC

Watch the New Years London Fireworks for 2021!