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Singalong 8

Suitable for all primary aged children. 1. Wheels, 2. Bella Mama, 3. Three Little Birds, 4. You are my sunshine, 5. Bread and Fishes, 6. A Keelie, 7. Watchma...

Choir 6 Flowers 1

A round in 4 parts: I like the flowers, I love the daffodils; I like the mountains, I love the rolling hills; I like the fireside, when all the lights are lo...

You don't always need instruments to make music.

You can start making music by creating a simple pulse.

A pulse can be made with claps or taps.

To find out more and create your own music use the link below.

Singalong 7

Suitable for all primary aged children: 1. Drunken Sailor, 2. Daisy, 3. Casey Jones, 4. Rosa Bella, 5. All God's Creatures, 6. Link in the chain, 7. Fish 'n'...

Choir 5 - Fish n chip supper

A round in two parts. Words and Music Copyright Katherine Fear 2020 Fish 'n' chip supper makes me feel good. I'd have it every Friday night if I could. Add a...

Singalong 6

Suitable for all primary aged children. 1. Bare Necessities, 2. We'll Meet Again, 3. Troubles and Tipperary, 4. Crazy Moose, 5. Molly Malone, and more!

Choir 4 Calypso

A round in 3 parts. Lyrics: Anytime you need a calypso, here is what you must do: First of all you need a rhythm so shake a little, shake a little, shake a l...

Singalong 5

Suitable for all primary aged children: 1. The Fox, 2. When I needed a neighbour, 3. Sing a Rainbow, 4. Sailor's Payer, 5. Cuckoo Song, and more!

Choir 3 Time to put the kettle on

Time to put the kettle on, time for a drink. Sit and put your feet up, now there's time to have a think About the days, the seasons, the Earth floating round...

Singalong 4

Suitable for all primary-aged children: 1. Frog went a-courtin', 2. Rock Island Line, 3. Yellow Bird, 4. A little Bit Of Cucumber, 5. Side By Side and more

Choir 1: Mrs O'Leary's Lantern

Lyrics: Late last night before she went to bed, Mrs O'Leary hung a lantern in the shed And then a cow kicked it over, and winked at her and said, There'll be...

Choir 2: Nesta Rua

Aimed at KS2 Choirs, this teaches the harmony to the folk song Nesta Rua, as performed on Singalong 4.