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Singalong 4

Suitable for all primary-aged children: 1. Frog went a-courtin', 2. Rock Island Line, 3. Yellow Bird, 4. A little Bit Of Cucumber, 5. Side By Side, and more!

Choir 1: Mrs O'Leary's Lantern

Lyrics: Late last night before she went to bed, Mrs O'Leary hung a lantern in the shed And then a cow kicked it over, and winked at her and said, There'll be...

Choir 2: Nesta Rua

Aimed at KS2 Choirs, this teaches the harmony to the folk song Nesta Rua, as performed on Singalong 4.

Singalong 3

Suitable for all primary aged children 1. The Smallest Worm, 2. My Grandfather's Clock, 3. Mrs O'Leary's Lantern, 4. Oh Susanna, 5. Grand Old Duke and more!

Singalong 2

Suitable for all primary aged children.

Sing-a-long with Miss Fear

Join our music teacher Miss Fear for a weekly sing-a-long!

Coventry Music Hub are working on resources to support pupils across the city. They can be found here:


CHALLENGE: can you learn a song off by heart to sing with your family? Bonus points for dances!

Listening to music

Listen to a variety of different styles of music. How does the music make you feel, what does it make you think of? Draw a picture/pattern as you listen to the music.