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If you usually work with Mrs Robinson click here!

Here is the Maths work sheets for Mrs Robinson's group. Each day there is a different work sheet about sequences. You need to complete each sequence on the work sheet, if you can not print the worksheet you can copy the sequences into your exercise book. 


Please email the Year 4 email address if you are having any problems and to share your work with the Year 4 teachers. 

Don't forgot that you must send your completed work to your Teacher on the Year 4 email address everyday, or you can send it all in one email at the end of each week. You can do this by sending a photo of each completed sheet of the completed work in your orange work book (I'm sure your grown ups will help wink). 


If you have any questions, please contact us on the Yr4 email address and we will be glad to help. 


Miss Mann and Mrs Robinson can't wait to see all of the wonderful work you have been doing at home and we will be giving dojos for ambition and resilience in your home learning. yessmiley





Please practice your times tables as much as possible and complete your TTRS sound check on Tuesday. We will be logging on to collect your scores each week. 

This is the Purple group's guided reading, you need to read the text (with your grown up if you need help) and then answer the questions. 


Don't forget to send a picture of your work to the year 4 email address so Miss Mann and Mrs Robinson can see you work and help you if needs be.