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During these times it is vital now, more than ever, that we continue to work together to support the well-being of your children. 


You are not teachers and I am not expecting you to do our job. This is not the time to start home schooling and that is not the expectation. Arguing with your children to do work is not what anyone needs right now. Instead, cuddle up together and read a book, tell them a story, do a puzzle, build a fort with cushions from the sofa, make a tent using a bed sheet, watch TV together, look at photos of when you were little, bake, chat. Don't stress about them forgetting or about 'doing lessons'. Through this scary time they will be looking to you for reassurance. If we get this right then spending time at home with you could well be a time they remember as the best time in their life. 


I will try to add to the resources in this area of the website daily but as I am at home with my own 3 year old I can't guarantee this! As parents we are all in the same boat and can only do our best during these difficult times. 


Our children will benefit from some structure and routine during these uncertain times. I have put together a suggested timetable that I will be loosely following each day. I've attached this as an idea of how a typical day may run for your child in Early Years. As parents/carers we still need to cook meals, clean the house and find 5 mins to drink a cold cuppa! 


I will carefully check links when I upload them but things change so please monitor your child's Internet use closely. Government guidelines are changing daily so please ensure you continue to follow the most recent advice. 


Please do your best to stay safe during this time and know that no one is in this alone. 


Take care of yourselves, your little ones and each other (from a safe distance ;))


Steph Ghafoor


Suggested Timetable

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