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Week 4:

Bonjour! How did you get on with matching the English to the French words for food and drink from last week? Here are the answers:

Now listen to this short audio clip. Can you recognise any of the words now? You could repeat each phrase, stopping after each one to practise your French pronunciation!

Here are the answers:
Here is a PowerPoint showing some food and drink. Can you identify the words for any of them?
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Finally, watch this film clip in which Farley creates a restaurant for Spud and Soda.

Can you understand some of the food and drink that they order in French before Spud translates it?

Challenge: write down what they each order in English (or French!)

A la semaine prochaine!

Week 3:

This week we will look at how to pronounce some words for some food in French. 

Here is a PowerPoint for you to look at. Click on the speaker symbol on the slide to hear how to pronounce the word.

Now imagine you are in a French café or restaurant and you wanted to order something, 

you can use the phrase for "I would like" which is "Je voudrais" and put "thank you" at the end which is "s'il vous plaît".

For example, this is how you would say: "I would like the orange juice please" and "I would like the cake please".

IMG_3979 (1).MOV

Still image for this video


Open the PDF document below and match up the French to the English words using the PowerPoint to help you.

I hope you have enjoyed learning this! A la semaine prochaine!

Miss Berry!

Week 2:

Bonjour! How did you get on with last week's French? This week I've chosen a film clip about describing some animals using some adjectives.

Here is the vocabulary you will hear in the first 5 minutes:

un animal domestique - a pet    un oiseau - a bird            un chien - a dog         un chat - a cat         une tortue - a tortoise

(très) animé - (very) lively      tranquil(le) - quiet    gros- big    fort - strong         féroce-fierce

terrifiant- terrifying   grand(e)-big     petit(e)-small

Watch the first 5 minutes and listen out for those words. 

Now look at the animals document below and say outloud the name for each in French.










For our younger learners, here are the numbers 1-10 in French for you to practise:

Look at the document below as well to see the spellings and how to pronounce them.

I hope you enjoy these activities! Bonne chance! A la semaine prochaine!

Miss Berry.

Week 1:

(I've re-posted my short film clip if you want to practise your French greetings!)


Still image for this video