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Earth - Zion And Oliwia



Earth is a very busy planet, which is full of life .However, it can also be a dangerous planet because we have earthquakes, volcano eruptions and untrustworthy people .It takes 365 and a quarter days for Earth to orbit the Sun. Earth has one Moon. Earth has lots of beautiful landscapes. Our blue planet has no craters. It has different genders and it is roughly spherical in its shape.  Earth rotates round the Sun whilst the Moon(which has lots of craters) orbits the Earth.  Earth is the third planet in the solar system. Animals and people live on this wonderful planet.       


There are lots of different animals on Earth. Here are some names of animals: Lion, Snake, Giraffe, Tortoise, and Tiger and many more.

                                         Interesting facts

                            The Earth is 4.543 years old.


                        Here is more information about Earth.