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Use these quizzes to refresh your Design and Technology knowledge and to get ready for new challenges now that  school has started again.  If you scroll down you can find some activities from last Summer Term that you could try too.







Week 6 - Pitta Bread Pizza...yummy!

Another Cooking and Nutrition recipe for you this week - easy peasy pitta bread pizza. Talk about the healthy options and why we need to eat healthily with your child.

Skills: use a variety of utensils safely; work in a safe, hygienic way; understand why we need a healthy diet.

Can you prepare a healthy lunch?


Pitta bread pizza - takes 10 minutes to cook in an oven.  Choose your own toppings - the more vegetables, the more healthy it is.  Serve the finished product with a side salad - absolutely fabulous!

You will need: a pitta bread or flat bread; tomato sauce or tomato puree; pizza toppings such as, cheese, red onion, pepper. mushroom, sweetcorn, pepperoni or chicken. Herbs, such as oregano or basil, make it taste divine.

Eat and enjoy! Be careful not to burn your mouth though! 

Week 5 - making scones


Cream Teas (a cup of tea and a scone, with strawberry jam and clotted cream) became popular in Devon and Cornwall (the south-west of England) in the 1850s and is still a delicious day-time treat.  It was National Cream Tea day on Friday so it got the Year 6 Team talking - do you put the jam on the scone first or the cream.....or, do you have butter as well?  None of us could agree so we all had our own cream tea/bake off at home.  


Find out more about cream teas here: 


The recipe I used was taken from: 

Skills needed: measuring, mixing, good hygiene and baking

A cream tea: healthy or unhealthy eating. What do you think?

What you will need - see recipe for measures.

First, mix the flour, baking powder and butter together with your fingers. It needs to look like breadcrumbs.

Slowly add the liquid (egg and milk), leaving some to glaze. Mix to a dough with a wooden spoon.

The recipe says it makes eight but I only got six! Don't forget to glaze the top before baking, it gives them an attractive, shiny finish.

We had lots of variations of jam and cream/cream and jam! All of it was eaten.....quite quickly!

How do you think the other teachers like theirs?

The recipe was taken from

Week 4

This week, we will continue to improve our sewing skills by designing and creating a sock puppet. Inspiration came from: 

  They use a glue-gun on this sock puppet - mine is at school so we are using needle and thread.

What you will need.

Cut a circle out of a piece of material (felt is ideal as it doesn't fray - but anything will do) - this will be your puppet's mouth. Push one hand in the sock and sew the mouth on. This is really tricky so ask an adult to help - Maggie pushed a small book to the bottom of her sock so she could use two hands to sew and she wouldn't prick herself with the needle.

Use wool for the hair, we loosely tied it together in the middle (like a parting) then cut to the style you want. You could even plait it! Next, put your hand in the sock (or use a small book) and sew securely on.

Choose some buttons for eyes and sew on - we found this really hard but managed it in the end. It took patience and resilience!

Go creative! Maggie has stuffed more odd socks to make little sock people - don't they look fab! Have a go yourself and see what you can create using your design and sewing skills.

We would love to see your finished products. Send a photo into the year 6 email or into our Facebook page. 

Have fun!

Mrs Korzeniewski and Maggie.