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Design & Technology

Are you growing anything in your garden or on a window shelf? Here are a couple of ideas for you. Make sure you send pictures.

Not a lot happening here yet - just one solitary sunflower. Waiting for tomato, beetroot and courgette. The avocado is going to be a while yet!

Cooking and Nutrition

Here are three bread recipes - can you make one of them? Some ingredients are hard to find at the moment so maybe you have an even better recipe using what is in your cupboards.  Please share pictures and recipes on Facebook! 

I have some lemons that I need to use up so today (with Maggie's help!) I am making this tasty cake. 

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Cooking and Nutrition challenge for this week....bake or fry. Good luck and remember to tidy up after you! 


Mrs Korzeniewski 

A French dish with potatoes! Garlic is optional! Miss Berry