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Year 5 Learning

How to share your work with us

We know how hard you are all trying to have a go at completing lots of different activities. 

We love seeing what you are getting up to!


Please take a photo of what you are doing and share it with us in one of these places:


Facebook: Send your photo in a message to one of these places:

Henley Green Primary School 

HG English (Mrs Turner)

HG Maths (Miss Nicholson)



Click on the sunflower to access this week's learning:

Welcome to the Spring term, year 5!


We are sorry not to be in school with you, but we will carry on learning together online. Every week, we will upload work for you to complete. Once you have completed the work each day, send a photo of it via the Y5 email address and we will mark your work. Don't forget, if you are struggling with the work, you can use the Y5 email address to ask any questions you may have.


Please stay in touch with us through the Y5 email address. Someone from the Y5 team will be ringing you every week to see how your learning is getting on. 


Don't forget to keep reading and practising your spellings!


We are missing you and looking forward to the time when we can be together again.


From Miss Hunt, Mrs Hadley, Mrs Crawford, Miss Wright and Mrs McCann


Star work gallery

We are so proud of you all for showing our school core values of ambition, resilience and pride in your learning at home! 


These children have sent in some fantastic pieces of work from their learning at home:

5 Hazel - Azi, Abdul, Adele, Arian, Alex, Caitlin V, Daria, Delina, Iremide, Jaella, Kai, Maya Ravinder, Sara, Summer-May, Umair

5 Sycamore - Ashley, Callum, Cherise, Colin, Gabby, Lainey, Maisie-Mai, Kaitlyn, Mohammed, Leighton, Afrah, Zain, Oskar

Next week, make sure your name is on our list!


Special shout-outs go to Colin and Iremide for their high standard of work this week!



Look through some of Y5's work in the slideshow below.


Times Tables Rock Stars

Remember to keep practising your Times Tables at home - this week, 20 children from Year 5 logged in! 

Well done to these children for practising this week:

5 Hazel: Sara, Caitlin V, Alex, Malik, Delina, Iremide, Dyam, Umair

5 Sycamore: Oskar, Gabby, Afrah, Stevie, Lainey, Maisie-Mai, Mohammed, Ashley, Cherise, Zain, Khayra, Leighton

If you don't know your login, it should be stuck in your reading diary. Please contact your teachers - via the school FB page or by sending an email to the Y5 email address - if you need help with this.



Written Calculation Methods for Year 5

We have made a series of four videos for each of the four operations to show the written methods that our children in Year 5 are currently using to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Please click on the links below to view these.

Links to extend your learning



This is the link to a unit on persuasive writing.

This is a link to a video called Knight Rider. Question 7 asks you to write an explanation about how a car works.

This is the link to a video to support in your writing of a non-chronological report about a newly discovered planet.

This is a link to a video followed by your opportunity to write a character description based on expanded noun phrases, ambitious vocabulary and figurative language. Can you add relative cluases to your description. Rembember they must start with a relative pronoun eg. lwho, whose, which, that.

This link leads you to work on dialogue.

This link leads you to features of a newspaper report.

Another newspaper report for you to try.

National Literacy Trust - Words for Life

Whether you're looking for your child to chat, play, read, listen, make or watch, get stuck in with our fun and easy activities for all children aged 0-12.

Letter Formation in KS2 (Y3-Y6)

Letter Formation Sheets


This is the link to a BBC Bitesize video on subordinating conjunctions.


This is some work on causal conjunctions which will help with writing explanation texts.

This is a link to information about relative clauses.

This is a link to direct speech.

This link is to reported speech.



All children from Reception to Year 6 have their own log on for Numbots and Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS). This is in their Reading Record.

TTRS is ideal for children in Year 5 to be using although they will still benefit from using Numbots too. On TTRS, they work on their multiplication and division facts. Children in Year 5 should know all of their times tables and related division facts and should be able to use them to apply to problems and other contexts.

There are lots of other games and activities that will help with your learning in Year 5. Look particularly for activities that help develop:

- Times tables and related division facts up to 12 x 12

- Quick mental calculations using the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

- Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

- Converting units of measure (e.g. 5.6m = 560cm)


This half term we will be learning about South America. Follow the links below to find out more.