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This Week's Learning for Y4

Half term week


As this week is your half term week, we are not setting any new work for you. 


Instead, we would like you to explore some of the activities on the curriculum pages. 


Just click here to get back to the main home learning page. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page and choose which subject to look at. There's lots to choose from, including French, DT, Science and RE! 


How to share your work with us

We know how hard you are all trying to have a go at completing lots of different activities. 

We love seeing what you are getting up to!


Please take a photo of what you are doing and share it with us in one of these places:


Facebook: Send your photo in a message to one of these places:

Henley Green Primary School 

HG English (Mrs Turner)

HG Maths (Miss Nicholson)



Week 4 - English

Reading Comprehension

Your reading this week is a poem called 'The Star.'

You will need to read the poem and then answer the questions that follow. If you cannot print the document, just write your answers down on a sheet of paper. 


Your grammar activity this week will help you to complete your writing activity. Your task is all about imperative verbs.

Imperative verbs are sometimes known as bossy verbs.


They are verbs which tell you what to do.


They are often seen at the beginning of a sentence and create a command.


For example:     Eat your lunch.

Tidy the cloakroom.


You will need to download the activities below and complete the tasks.

Task 1 - Imperative verb activity powerpoint (make sure you set it as a slideshow so you can interact with it properly)

Task 2 - Imperative verb activity sheets (the answers are on page 4 - try not to peek before you have completed the sheets)


Your writing task this week is inspired by Maisie-Mai. Maisie's mummy sent us in some great pictures of the recipe that Maisie had written and then followed to create her very own pizza. She also created a step-by-step guide with pictures. Fantastic effort Maisie! Your pizza looks delicious. 

Your writing task is to write your own set of instructions or a recipe detailing how to make something. Like Maisie, you might like to write a recipe for creating your favourite dinner or you could write a recipe for making delicious cupcakes. You could write a set of instructions for how to tie your shoelaces, or how to draw a butterfly or how to create a sock puppet. It is your choice.


Remember to include your list of ingredients/equipment and start each line with an imperative verb. 


1. Write your instructions or recipe out including an equipment/ingredients list.

 2. Create a step-by-step guide with pictures.


You can send pictures of your completed instructions/recipes to the year 4 email at the top of the page or ask your grown up to post them to our school facebook page so other children can have a go at following them.  


By the end of year 4, children should be able to spell all of the year 3 & 4 common exception words. Use the document below to use as a reference and practise them.


Your spellings for this week focus on adding the prefix ex- (meaning 'out'): 


  • exit
  • extend
  • explode
  • excursion 
  • exchange
  • export
  • exclaim
  • expel
  • external 
  • exterior

Use the link below to access some games on Spelling frame using this weeks spellings...

Extra Challenge: Choose 3 new common exception words. Can you write the meaning, synonyms and an example of how to use the word in a sentence?

(You may need to use a dictionary and a thesaurus to help you)


Week 3 Maths


Your Maths work this week is all to do with multiplication, division, area and perimeter. The videos which are attached below will help you with your work. There are two icons for each lesson, the first is the video to help you understand the worksheet and the second is the work sheet. Once you have click on the icon it will take you to the video which will help you with that lessons work sheet. We haven't covered area and perimeter in year  4 yet so make sure you watch the videos really carefully before trying to answer the questions. We have all the answer so just email the year 4 email address if you would like them.



Each week we will upload some arithmetic work for you to complete. The following week we will upload the answers so you can check your own work. 

Week 3 Topic

Our new Topic for this term is ...….

Ancient Greece 

This week in Topic we are going to still be looking at the Olympics in Ancient Greece. But this week we are going to look at how the Olympics started.


First you will need to read through the PowerPoint which has been attached below. Once you have read through the PowerPoint see if you can answer these 5 questions.



1.What was different about Ancient Greece from most countries?
2.When did the Olympics start?
3.Who were they in honour of?
4.How often did they take place?
5.Which sports were at the Ancient Olympics?




A lot of the evidence we have about the games comes from paintings, most commonly found on vases!

Below are some examples of the different painting found of vases.


Can you design your own vase with an Olympic sport on it? Once you have done this can you write a description of that sport?  


For example you might draw Chariot racing on your vase and the description would be - There were both two horse chariot races and four horse chariot races where a small cart was pulled around a stadium race track.


You can use the vase template below to help you.

Week 4 Science

Our new Science topic for this term is ...….

Animals including Humans

Last week we were identifying different types of teeth and their functions. This week we are moving onto classifying animals. 


Picture 1

What do these terms mean?

- Herbivore

- Carnivore

 - Omnivore


Think about your favourite animal. What does it eat?

Task 1a: Draw a picture of your favourite animal and what it likes to eat.

Thinking Time...

Look back at the picture you drew earlier.


Is the animal a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?

Explain your answer. 


Task 1b: Now complete the sentences underneath your picture:


This is a picture of a ________________________.


It eats  __________________________.


This animal is a ____________________________. 

                                (omnivore, carnivore, herbivore)

Task 2: Look at the different animals in the document below. Can you put the animals into the correct group?


Are they Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores?

Picture 1