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Bubble Theme

This week in school the children have been completing activities planned around the theme 'bubble'. 


We watched a film clip all about coming back to school in a bubble and what this looks like. 

Coming back to school in a bubble

The children had to hold a hula hoop around themselves and try to walk around without bumping into any of the other people in their class bubble. We talked about how this space was their personal bubble to keep them at a safe distance from others. 


We also made a giant bubble mixture and used a hula hoop to pull the mixture up over ourselves so that we could stand in the middle of the giant bubble! 

We also watched the story 'Bubble Trouble' by Margaret Mahy. 

Imagine you were floating away in a bubble. How did you get in there? Where would you go? What might happen? How would you get out?

Draw yourself inside a bubble. Write a caption for your picture.

Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy

We used pipe cleaners to make our own bubble wands and then went outside to test them out. 

Each child had their own cup of paint and a straw and we created some beautiful butterfly paintings using a bubble painting technique.