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Alexi and Ghulam - How does the Moon affect our life on Earth?

How does the Moon affect our life on Earth?

The Moon can affect many aspects of our lives that could change everything completely.


The Moon can affect the tides by the gravitational pull. Click here.

The Moon affects our lives on the Earth by causing low tides and high tides.


If we had no Moon then it would result in extreme seasons and the weather being way too hot or too cold. This could lead to severe burns or frozen lungs. Click here to watch a clip.

The Moon can affect the time so due to the tilt, the Moon stops the Earth from spinning really fast. The Earth would spin so fast that the days could go past in approximately six to twelve hours. If the Moon was that far away, then the days could go past in the blink of an eye. Watch this video to find out how the Moon can create Earth’s seasons.



In conclusion, the Moon can affect our lives greatly. This is why it is important that we investigate and astronauts go to the Moon so we can find out more. For more information, visit the NASA website and they will explain at what they are doing now (e.g. Experiments.)

Thank you for listening! smiley