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8-10 year olds

Monday 27th April - Thinkuknow activities 


Activity 1


Watch - Film 2 - Who's Magnus?


Talk about these questions together:

  • What did you think? What did you like about this episode?
  • What does Sam do with Megan’s baby photo? [Shares the photo and makes it public]
  • How does Megan feel and what does she do in response? [She feels angry/upset. She uses Sam’s account to write a mean comment about Ellie and Alfie.]
  • What upsets Ellie and who does she turn to? [She thinks that Sam is posting mean comments about her. Megan is unkind to her and she loses the guitar-off. She turns to Magnus, who she has met online.]
  • Is Magnus the best person to support Ellie? Who else could help? [Ellie has only just met Magnus online and doesn’t know him ‘in real life’, so he is not a good source of support for her. It would be better to talk to a close friend, family member or another adult she trusts.] 


Activity 2 - What is ok to share?


Watch episode 1 again - Play, Like, Share


Talk about these together: