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5-7 year olds

Online Friendship Flower


If you haven't watched them yet, watch some of the Jessie and Friends episodes here


After watching the episodes, ask your child these questions:

  • Who are Jessie's best friends? (Answer - Jessie, Tia and Mo)
  • What does it mean to be a good friend? (Possible answers - always be kind, listen to each other)


Tell your child that we should only chat and be friends with people online who we are friends with offline.  


Print or draw out a friendship flower below:



On each petal write or draw a way that you can be a good friend online. Ideas for what you could write are:

  • Being kind
  • Not saying nasty things
  • Having fun
  • Sharing
  • Listening
  • Making you feel happy





Playing games safely together


Click here to watch Epsiode 3 of Jesse and Friends. 


Which picture do you think matches each statement? 



Important message to share

In this video, Amber tried to ‘trick’ the three friends into telling her their power words (passwords). Remind your child that if something doesn’t ‘feel right’ online, they should speak to you or another grown up they trust.


There is some useful information to talk with your child about on this website. It includes information about watching videos online, sharing pictures and gaming.


Activity 1

Watch episode 2 of Jessie and Friends


Activity 2 - Draw what makes you happy 


Jessie, Tia and Mo love playing superheroes – it makes them feel happy.  


  • Take a sheet of blank paper and help your child fold it into quarters.
  • Open the paper up again. There are now four spaces on the paper.
  • In each space, ask your child to draw themselves doing something that makes them feel happy – a total of four different activities. These could be things they like to do on their own, or activities they enjoy with friends or family.
  • They can write what they are doing under each picture if they’d like.