SMSC - Social, Moral, Spirtual and Cultural learning at Henley Green.

Y4 Cultural Diversity Day 2016

On Friday 20th May, Year 4 celebrated Cultural Diversity Day by exploring Japanese culture. Go to the Year 4 page to find out more!

Year 4 Wow Days!

On Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th May, Y4 children invited their grown ups in to help them to construct the automaton that they had designed themselves. The children's brief was to design and make an automaton with a British Values theme to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th Birthday!

The May Pole

As part of our pupil's SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) values development, an assembly was held on the origins and traditions of the May Pole and festivals held on May Day. Together, we learned and sang a song about the May Pole celebrations, 'Dance on May Day'. Each year group came to the front of the assembly to dance around the May pole. 

The day before their visit to sing with Y4, folk band The Young'uns won "Best Band" at the BBC2 Folk Awards for the second year running. The visit was the culmination of the Sea Shanty project where Y4B and Y4F learned traditional English songs and then adapted them to reflect their own lives.

Easter Egg Decorating KS2

Children from KS2 competed against each other to decorate an Easter egg for their hardworking teachers! 

Well done to Chyenn in Y6- the overall winner!

Mrs Francioso

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

The week beginning Monday 25th January, we have been celebrating books in our book week. We have had visitors from our local library, the Book Fayre and Grace Academy come in and do some work with us!

Check out the English page and individual class pages for more information and photographs.

Mrs Francioso

Year 5 have been lucky enough to have lots of visitors to support their learning in PE this term! Coventry City Football Club's mascot, Sky Blue Sam, encouraged children to think about the effects of exercise on their bodies as well as putting this into practice in active sessions and encouraging healthy lifestyles. More recently, visitors from the Wasps have been teaching children rugby skills, focussing on the five core values; respect, enjoyment, teamwork, resilience and discipline.

Year 5 Trip to Winchcombe - On Wednesday 7th October we visited Winchcombe Railway station for the evacuee experience. Children imagined what it would be like to live as a child during the war. Our day was full of lots of experiences including learning how to put out fires, responding to an air raid siren, singing war time morale boosting songs and being vigilant for German spies!

Coventry Building Society - On Thursday 10th December, 12 children from Year 5 and 6, visited CBS Training Branch to see their maths skills in action as well as being aspirational about future economic well being. Children loved the chance of being a cashier!

Year 5 Cathedral Visit - We visited the Cathedral on Friday 27th November and we were lucky enough to be joined by Reverend Linda too. We thought about the damage done by the bombings and all of the symbols of peace and reconciliation around the cathedral.

Craft Club


Eight Year 2 children were invited to join the Craft Club this term, where they practised their designing, cutting, sticking and sewing skills. They all made a hanging snowman and a standing winter tree to take home. They worked hard but also had great fun!



Year 1 Watched Tim Peake's launch into space LIVE on Tuesday 15th December

Year 1 Watched Tim Peake's launch into space LIVE on Tuesday 15th December 1

Year 2 Visit Tesco!

To extend our topic work on 'The Great Fire of London', Year 2 visited Tesco. We were keen to see what a modern bakery looked like and see what the bakers made.


Whilst we were there, we looked around the store and at the different foods. We also made a pizza and a fruit kebab to bring back to school.


Here are some pictures of us enjoying our trip!




Year 1 Festive Wow Days!

Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th December 2015

All of the Year 1 children sent invitations to their grown-ups to come to our Festive Wow Days. We all had a fantastic time- see the Year 1 page for more photographs and details! Mrs Francioso



Picture 1

WWII Workshop


Our Year 5 pupils recently had visitors to Henley Green  for a WWII workshop.


The children made carrot cookies which they were then able to eat, and also made purses and sock puppets and these will be on display at the Far Gosford Christmas event which our children and families have been invited along to!


Below is part of a cookbook which has been produced with their brilliant ideas!



Picture 1

Marking the 75th Anniversary of the Coventry Blitz

KS2 marked the 75th Anniversary of the Coventry in their KS2 Assembly on Monday 16th November by listening to the memories of Coventrians who survived the bombing. We looked at video of the Chain of Light ceremony that took place on 14th November 2015 in the ruins of the old Cathedral.

We also had a minute silence to show our respect to the people in Paris who had been killed in the attacks on Friday 13th November 2015.


Mrs Francioso


Blitz homepage


 Click on the link to find out more:



KS1 talked about what bullying is during KS1 Assembly on Tuesday 17th November. 


We came up with our own 'shout-outs' about bullying.


Mrs Francioso

Year 6 held a class election to select two representatives for the School Council.

Year 6 had a visit from two magistrates. They told us  what magistrates do and how a court works. We then took part in a mock trial! Our actors were excellent and we worked together to decide on a verdict.

Year 5 went to Dol y Moch where they experienced a new environment. They went orienteering where they worked in a small group as a team.