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Henley Green’s our place to shine!


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Henley Green School believe that all pupils have the right to attend a happy and encouraging environment, free from bullying. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated at our school.


At Henley Green we have a team of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs). The ABAs work together, supported by our Learning Mentor Mrs Rouse, to help make Henley Green a safe and happy place to be.


The ABA's have lead assemblies about bullying, supported the children to think about adults who they can talk to if they have a problem and have created a Tree of Trust display in school.


The ABA's are fundraising for a Friendship Bench. They have sold refreshments at Parents' Evening and made and sold Anti-Bullying ribbons.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy & Statement

Meet Anthony the Anti-Bullying Bear

Picture 1

We had a competition during Anti-Bullying Week to design an Anti-Bullying Bear for Henley Green. This is our winning design, it was designed by Nahlah in Y6 and named Anthony by Fraya and Finley in Y5. Here Nahlah explains how she designed Anthony.


How I designed Anthony the Anti-Bullying Bear

By Nahlah 6H

I did the lighter parts of the bear for effect and decided that the bear, as it is a symbol of unity and kindness, should wear an ABA badge.

I designed the sash using green to represent Henley Green and a diverse variety of coloured spots to represent the different people who make up the school. The Henley Green tree is the shape around the eye. I did this to represent that you don’t have to be shy or afraid at Henley Green, you can shine and you can tell someone about any worries you have.


Minutes from the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Meetings

Tree of Trust

Tree of Trust 1

Anti-Bullying Week 13-17 November 2017

For Anti-Bulling week the ABAs have been busy raising awareness through school by running assemblies and making and selling ribbons, this money will go towards the friendship bench. They have run a competition in school to design and name an Anti-Bullying Bear for Henley Green. The ABAs have also been out at playtimes supporting the children with exciting play ground games.


To link in with Children in Need day the ABAs asked all the children to come to school wearing something blue (which is the colour of the Anti-Bulling Ambassador's scheme).

Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Photos

Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Photos 1
Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Photos 2
Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Photos 3
Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Photos 4
Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Photos 5
Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Photos 6
School will close on Friday 25th May at 3.15pm for the half term holiday (1 week). All children return to school on Monday 4th June 2018 8.55am.